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State of Nebraska Security Policy
The State of Nebraska is committed to ensuring the integrity and security of the information and systems it maintains. The State has taken steps designed to safeguard its telecommunications and computing infrastructure to prevent unauthorized access to internal systems and confidential information. If you have any knowledge of a security breach or potential security breach, please contact us at 402-471-4636 or blue bar
Nebraska Library Commission Privacy Policy
Please be advised that all information which is collected by state agencies is likely to be considered a public record which is available for public review under the Nebraska Public Records Statutes unless there is a specific statute which allows that information to be kept confidential. An example of a specific statute which allows certain types of information to be kept confidential may be found at Neb. Rev. Stat. Section 84-712.05.
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State of Nebraska Accessibility Standards
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External Links Disclaimer
NebraskAccess web pages may include links to pages created by other organizations. The Nebraska Library Commission is not responsible for the content of these external pages nor does it necessarily agree with or endorse the information found therein. The links to these sites are offered solely as an aid to navigating the Internet.